DINO - Dino is the new ODK

Data Collection

Data collection has never been easier


DINO is the data collection software developed by Gnucoop. Based on its predecessor DEWCO, DINO extends its functionality based on a more modern and functional technology.



  • Offline-first
  • Asynchronous data collection
  • Forms customization
  • Kobo compatibility
  • Data export in xls,csv
  • Connections between forms
  • Custom reports and dashboards

Collecting data in a simple and effective way is the foundation of any activity in the field of sustainable development. Whether it is to improve understanding of phenomena or to measure the impact of one's actions, the ability to collect and manage data is at the heart of social work. Gnucoop has created a data collection software, DINO. The software, in its original version, was used to collect health data in UNHCR refugee camps. Today, the software has evolved and is used by different organizations in different contexts.


Dino is the result of over 2 years of development and refinement of Dewco's data collection software. With its almost 400000 lines of code Dino is the application to collect and analyze data, measure project indicators or process and monitor the organization's Theory of Change.

The software is divided, as all the latest generation applications, in

  • backend
  • frontend

Hasura: the backend

The backend is based on Hasura open source software and allows you to create what are called offline first applications in a fast, stable and standard way. Offline first applications are those web and mobile applications that have the property to work, in the same way, both with and without a stable connection.

Dino APP and AJF: the frontend

The Dino frontend (both the web and mobile application) is written in Angular, leveraging the power and simplicity of the Material framework, and is based on the open source AJF library. AJF is the library, developed by Gnucoop and released as free software, during the iRHIS project with UNHCR. The library allows to standardize the definition of data collection forms and reports, reviewing and extending the concepts contained in the Open Rosa library, used by ODK and Kobo


The Dino application also allows you to:

  • Create data collection forms using XLSFORM and Formbuilder.
  • Define custom users and roles.
  • Define data aggregation metrics (Project, Area of intervention, Geolevel, Organization)
  • Extract data in xlsx/csv format
You can also create from DINO, native mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

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