Who we are

Gnucoop develops mobile and web applications to help aid organisations to easily manage their information and data. Gnucoop started in 2006 as a small group of free-lance IT professionals with the idea that free software and technologies have great economical and technical advantages and they can provide very useful tools to achieve Companies/Institutions/NGOs/Research Institutes/Aid Agencies’ objectives. In 2012, we officially founded the Gnucoop Soc. Coop., in order to institutionalize our position and provide a more comprehensive and recognized expertise and support to our clients, particularly to non profit institutions

What we do

  • Artificial Intelligence

    With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we refer to software systems that can perform complex tasks typically associated with “human intelligence”. For example recognizing a face within a picture, understanding a question in natural language or taking decisions.

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain is a technology introduced in 2008 to manage a database of transactions (or a ledger) across a distributed network, assuring a robust and secure synchronization mechanism across nodes that allows to make digital resources impossible to duplicate.

  • Offline first APP

    Mobile networks are frequently flaky. In addition people use mobile & web apps on the move. If your app did not have the ability to work well offline, every time your user took a subway or a plane or an Uber your app will potentially lose connectivity leading to a frustrating user experience.

Latest news

Gnucoop Academy

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world...

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