You are changing the World. And we’d like to help you.

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  • You are changing the World. And we’d like to help you.

This is the headline used by Google to launch “Google for nonprofits”, the possibility for nonprofit Organizations to have free access to Google products and Apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts, Google Ad Grants & others). These tools can help the organizations to be in contact with donors, volunteers, to be more efficient, and to give more visibility to their interventions. Let’s give you an idea as to which tools Google can offer you:

  • you can reduce the IT costs and create a better collaboration between the HQ and Staff in the fields;
  • you can store many documents: 30 GB of storage space on Gmail and Google Drive;
  • you are connected wherever you are and you gain access to your data everywhere;
  • you have assistance from Google 24/7; you don’t need hardware and updating;
  • Google Apps for nonprofits is free for all the members of TechSoup Global.

One of the main problems faced by NGOs with staff working abroad in some remote areas with slow connections is the possibility to be in contact with the HQ, to send and receive documents, to store a lot of information about the projects that they are developing. Thanks to Drive, you can save all your work in one secure online place. You can always gain access to them from pc, tablet or smartphone. You can share all of your files immediately with your team without using heavy attachments or using different file versions (one of the worst nightmares!). With Drive Document you can create and modify your text directly in your browser without any specific software. Many people can work simultaneously on the same doc and all the modifications are automatically saved. Sometimes the work environment for aid workers is not so easy, they have to face many difficulties, the possibility to have a stronger connection with HQ can really be helpful. Through Google Apps you have many tools to make it possible. Google for nonprofits now is available for the Italian NGOs, follow the link

We hold trainings on the use of Google Apps and we support the change management for the transition to the Google system.

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