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From 19th to 27th of April we have been in Lima.

This mission is part of the project Yago  (Yet Another GIS Online) we’re developing in support of COOPI and its activities in the framework of the project RIMAC DRR (Reinforcing Innovative Mechanisms for Arising Capacities in Disaster Risk Reduction in Rímac). The purpose of the mission was the training on the use of Yago, our GIS platform, to the Municipality of Rímac staff (Area of Civil Defence, Recuperation of the Historic Centre, Environment, Security, among others) and to CENEPRED staff . CENEPRED (Centro Nacional de Estimación, Prevención y Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres) is the institution responsible for the pillars of Disaster Risk evaluation, prevention and reduction. The Municipality of Rímac is one district of Lima Metropolitana and it is an ally of the RIMAC DRR project.  Yago will be an important tool for the Municipality of Rímac to include the spatial component in its decision making process.

The training has been organized in 3 different daily session: Day 1 YAGO User training (Map creation and Data visualization) Participants: Municipality of Rímac and, CENEPRED

Day 2 Yago Administration training  (Users and permissions management, WMS sources, Layers and Themes management) Participants: Municipality of Rímac and CENEPRED . The training was directed to some technicians from Municipality and CENEPRED, which will be responsible for the upload of data collected by the field workers, and to one IT technician who will follow the future development of the platform.

Day 3 Yago Dev training (System architecture and maintenance) Mainly directed to CENEPRED

All the participants, especially the Municipality staff, were really enthusiastic of the platform and they actively participated to the training.

COOPI will organize in the next weeks a presentation event to disseminate YAGO and the importance of including the use of spatial data in the daily works of the Municipality. The event will be directed to the large public to disseminate YAGO and the inclusion of the SIG in the decision making process.  

We spent the first 3 days working side by side with COOPI staff. From our point of view, getting the chance to be on the field was of great utility. Working directly with end users was key to develop some new features. The local staff contributions were very important mainly because this project is part of a framework agreement signed by Gnucoop and COOPI, for the use of YAGO platform in four different projects:

Renforcement des capacités de préparation, mitigation et réponse aux catastrophes de communautés urbaines les plus vulnérables en Haïti; RIMAC DRR – Reinforcing Innovative Mechanisms for Arising Capacities in Disaster Risk Reduction in Rímac, Perú; Améliorer la résilience face à la sécheresse des acteurs locaux et des familles rurales les plus vulnérables dans la partie orientale du Département du Sud-Est, Haïti; Fortalecimiento de las capacidades del sistema CONRED y de la sociedad civil en comunidades de la Mancomunidad del Sur en el Departamento de Guatemala.

In the next months different Training sessions will be held in Haiti and Guatemala.

Pictures by COOPI-Cooperazione Internazionale Thank you!