Our vision is to make development projects more effective through the use of free software and sustainable technological solutions.


We offer a combination of technical competencies with development skills, in order to give international cooperation projects a better chance to be successful. We promote long-term partnerships with other organizations, to strengthen skills and provide technical services in the aid-for-development sector. We belong to the Digital humanitarian network and actively participate in the international debate on the use of technology as aid supporting tool, linking up with the international network of aid worker and the international IT community.

Guiding principles

Innovation, quality and efficiency are necessary elements for the development of technology and the services that we make available through our work. The constant support to our partners and clients from project planning to project development contributes to the successful achievement of their objectives. Motivation, ability to work in a team and willingness to take over responsibilities are a guarantee for our successful performances. Openness, mutual support as well as enjoyment of work for a common goal identify our company. The young history, dynamism and flexibility of our organization make of its members the key elements to succeed as a cooperative and to help achieving the important objectives of the international development community.


  • Andrea M. Bertolazzi
    President of Gnucoop. He also serves as administrator, system administrator, GSuite trainer and project manager. He has been working on system maintenance for UNHCR projects and coordinating project office activities of Gnucoop since its foundation.
  • Giuditta Caimi
    Vice President and Project manager
    Master Degree in Environmental Sciences and Expert in Land Use and Water management in developing countries. Since 2004, she has worked in several countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Sri Lanka and Tanzania where she collaborated with NGOs and Aid Agencies, as Project and Country Manager. She is currently Project Manager for some of Gnucoop’s projects.
  • Marco Marche
    CTO and Board Member
    Senior Developer, CTO and co-founder of Gnucoop Soc. Coop, where he has been leading Gnucoop’s software projects including the development of web and mobile applications since its foundation in 2012. He has a Degree in Informatics Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano.
  • Giuseppe Bonfanti
    Full stack developer
    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, Senior full stack web developer with particularly strong experience in front-end, with JavaScript and Angular. He also has experience in graphic design and multimedia development.
  • Sara Repossi
    Fullstack developer
    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from University of Milan. Senior full stack web developer with experience both on back-end, with Python and Java, and front-end, with JavaScript and Angular.
  • Roberto Zanotto
    Web Developer
    Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa. Web developer since the days of Macromedia Flash. Go (golang) enthusiast.
  • Paolo Palmerini
    Project manager
    Expert of ICT for social change, child rights and management of complex organizations. He joined Gnucoop in 2018. He collaborated with several international organizations, NGOs and research institutions. He lived and worked in Europe, United States, West and North Africa, South and South-East Asia. He holds a university degree in Physics and a PhD in Computer Science.
  • Gala Brezigar
    UI/UX designer
    Graphic, UI and UX designer. She studied and worked as UX Designer in London and Milan. Main skills: bringing together the project’s and users’ needs; working in teams and getting stakeholders involved; testing and iterating until the right solution emerges. She has experience in international projects in the fields of tourism and education. User Experience true believer
  • Nikolai Polikurov
    Data analyst and developer
    Master's Degree in Risk Management, Oracle Certified Professional, with minor degrees in Data Science. Contributing at Gnucoop by building artificial intelligence powered tools for the products being made, and creating educational content about Data Analysis applied to cooperation goals. Free Software enthusiast.
  • Marco Tozzi
    Fullstack developer
    Fullstack web developer with experience in back-end (PHP, Laravel and Slim frameworks) and front-end (Javascript, Angular and React frameworks). A music fanatic, he is deep into audio engineering, producing, mixing and mastering.
  • Robo Coop
    Quality Assurance Test Manager
    Long experience in testing and application deployment. I do my best under pressure. I have been working with Gnucoop since 2017. People call me Jenkins

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