What we do


Information and Communication Technology for Development

Capacity Building

e-learning web platform, in house and online IT training, training on ICT


Databases and web applications for data collection, M&E, DRR.

Web Development

Websites and hosting services (data, server and hosting management).


ICT4D stands for Information and Communication Technology for Development.  In the last decade, the use of technology has changed the way people communicate and interact with each other all around the globe.

We have been  developing ICT4D solutions in many  humanitarian sectors of  intervention: healthcare and public health, microfinance, DRR, Food Security, wash and disaster response and education.

Our solutions include:

  • Platforms and web applications
  • Mobile technology for data collection
  • Crowdsource mapping (i.e.: for disaster prevention and response)
  • GIS and webGIS platforms
  • Communications systems
  • In-house training

Capacity Building


Is your organization looking for distance learning applications?
Do you need to train your employees on a specific matter but your staff is widespread all over the world?
Gnucoop proposes e-learning platforms that will suit your  needs, with interactive user interfaces and dedicated courses.


M&E and ICT: providing students with a basic understanding of the use of ICT for monitoring and evaluation.
ICT4health: What are the main mhealth applications, particularly in developing countries?
Google Apps4Dev: The course aims to present the main tools of Google Apps 


In the last few years, many organizations, companies and agencies, have been looking into ways to be more competitive, to scale up their projects, to improve portability and accessibility of information. Development of customized web and mobile applications can provide great support in achieving those objectives, such as the automation of project monitoring and evaluation systems. 

Our domain knowledge and technical  expertise will transform  your ideas into a scalable and flexible architecture application to support your  business or activity. We produce  next-generation, flexible, efficient and  highly  automated systems.  Rather than creating and selling off-the-shelf projects, we focus on the development of  complete, ground-up applications specifically created to satisfy  your organization’s needs, using the most advanced web and mobile technologies.

Web Development

Gnucoop develops various types of websites, using services and systems that comply with the W3C standards aiming to reach compatibility levels as high as possible for every platform.

The tools we use are 100% opensource softwares, that guarantee flexibility and compatibility for the development of websites whose primary aim is to be user-friendly.