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The current refugees crisis spreading through Europe and all over the World gave us the idea of the importance to open a dedicated session on our blog. When this tragedy reached our borders and, above all arrived on our media, many initiatives were born to involve the tech community on these issues. The first one was Mike Butcher’s Techfugees a conference and a hackathon where the London tech community showed their support for refugees. In a few days a Facebook group and Twitter accounts exploded, showing the huge interest of the tech community to be involved in this issue. Many other conferences, events, hackathons have been organized all over Europe, one in Italy hosted by H-Farm where we’ve been present (you can read about it here). During these months, following all these groups and initiatives we have collected some of the ideas and the applications developed in support of refugees.

So this blog wants to be a focal point for all of the organizations which work for refugees and need or are looking for help from technology experts. This is the place where we collect everything that can be found online on “Technology for Refugees”. The applications will be divided into groups, using different Tags, examples: #mobility - online and offline maps, info on travel; #security - safe or unsafe zone;
#services for refugees - reception centers, centers for asylum, news, rights and law, important phone numbers, dictionary etc..; #for aid orgs - geospatial and technical knowledge to help support the humanitarian network, where, when and how to help directly in the field; #education - mobile learning services.

Another purpose of this blog is to deal with those organizations who are working on these issues in order to support them in the use of technology. You can find here a lovely piece by @rohan__silva on #techfugees where he underlines two important things: first it’s a shame that the organisations playing the central role in responding to the refugee crisis — government aid agencies and big charities — are so disconnected from the type of grassroots innovation on display at the Techfugees event and secondly it was wonderful to see London’s technology cluster coming together for such an important cause.

If you have created an app for refugees or if you know of some successful projects please contact us at info@gnucoop.com with the object #techfugees.