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The European University Association (EUA) developed the "Refugees Welcome Map" that aims to showcase and document the commitment of higher education institutions and organisations in supporting refugees. EUA is collecting data on their initiatives and activities via a brief survey and presenting them in this interactive map, which will be continuously updated. The campaign began in Europe but is open to institutions and organisations around the world.

Some Universities in South East Europe, Turkey and Russia are offering various forms of aid.

The Slovenian University of Nova Gorica has provided scholarships to asylum seekers and it is committed to recognize educational qualification obtained in countries of origin. University of Ljubljana offers a university preparatory Slovenian language course.

Romania did not receive a high number of refugees but the University of Bucharest is distributing some humanitarian aid. The University of Timisoara is offering Romanian language and European culture courses and it is supporting refugees to access to the academic programs. All the students are engaged in social inclusion programs for refugees.

The Aegean University in the islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes, Lemnos and Siro has been directly involved in the arrival of refugees. The university has developed many projects: food distribution to local NGOs, psychological support to families, women, children and vulnerable people. It provided scholarship to refugees to allow them enrolling some courses. It is developing a monitoring study on migration to sensitize the public opinion in the country.

University of Athens has launched the ''Monitoring-Network for solidarity and support to refugees" which offers assistance to refugees from translation to dental care.

Ko├ždi Universities of Istanbul and Ataturk University of Erzurum developed support programs for refugees. The first one offers scholarships to refugees, the second one offered job to teachers and academics from Syria.

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