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Thanks to the last two years of collaboration with the Health sector, the UNHCR commissioned us to develop a web application for data display/analysis of Livelihood and Energy data from refugee camps worldwide.

Objective of the platform

The development of this web platform want to enhance the analysis and elaboration of the data collected from UNHCR Livelihood and Energy programs partners. It is accessible through a web browser and it imports the raw data collected through Kobo toolkit by the different partner of UNHCR Livelihood and Energy sector. The data analysis and elaboration returns the values of all the impact Indicators. The user can also find the complete list of indicators in the About Section of the Platform.

The new system will simplify and accelerate information management and sharing data between partners, giving furthermore the possibility to download raw data, navigate and download specific Indicators and download reporting documents. The platform will also facilitate communication and exchange of information between partners working in the same areas or in close proximity. Every user can visualize data and navigate the different indicators, tables and documents.

Main functions of the whole platform are the following: 1 The system import data coming from a google spreadsheet, every day, during night, when a less number of users will be online; 2 The system automatically produces data analysis and indicators display; 3 The system provides pre-set analysis and flexibility for the user to define what to visualize. The visualized data are downloadable and usable in office; 4 The application is highly user-friendly, without specific skills required by users; 5 The system provides tools for exporting data in CSV files and download PDF files uploaded in the repository section of the platform.

The Livelihood platform is available here https://lis.unhcr.org/home. The Energy platform is available here https://eis.unhcr.org/data.