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Teaching culture is essential to language teaching and learning. Teacher's should have been taught culture as well when they were learning the language themselves. Therefore it should not be a problem to them. And what if his formation was not ideal? This teacher has many resources today to acquire more knowledge about that culture or of some culture of countries that uses that language he is teaching. When teaching international students Mandarin, teachers should not just teach the language, grammar, but the Chinese cultural dissemination needs to be included as well, which is extremely important because the language reflects the cultural exchange. Culture is a necessary condition for language learning, which can help students better understand Chinese.

Tratti di China is the answer to this necessity. It’s an audio Chinese lessons course, it focuses on listening and reading skill, but it also includes many activities that help learners prepare for speaking and writing. Registering on our website, users can obtain free access to news, audio course and grammar lessons and a book with the whole content of the audio course will be delivered  immediately for free. Chapter 1: The Chinese language Chapter 2: Everyday life and social behaviour Chapter 3: Cultural table manners Chapter 4: Philosophies, religions and folklore Chapter 5: Tradition Chapter 6: Traditional Chinese thought and contemporary society Chapter 7: The phenomenon of migration Each chapter includes texts differentiated by HSK level, vocabulary, a table with HSK vocabulary, activities and exercises. Confucio_Huang Shen_din Qing_Shanghai Museum Symbol of good luck on a Chinese doorAuthors.

Zu Xujun graduated in Chinese Language and Literature in China, she has been in Italy since 1997. She has been a cultural mediator since 2002 and a Chinese teacher since 2006. She has always been a translator for companies, associations, institutions and private individuals. She collaborates with: hospitals, public and private institutions, universities, schools, cooperatives and associations, with publishers for the publication of Chinese works in translation and schoolbooks. He attended Chinese language and culture teacher training courses held by the Confucio Institute (Hanban) in Italy and China.

Claudia Ambrosini graduated in Oriental Languages in 2000 at Cà Foscari (Venice), attended Chinese language courses in China (Kunming and Hangzhou). She obtained in Milan a Master’s degree of Language and Communication For Companies Working With China. She has always taught Chinese language and culture to private people, entrepreneurs and schools. She worked at the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Italy as Project Manager of Chinese language courses and other training activities, and has coordinated Italo Cinese News (news and economy about China). She currently teaches full-time, collaborates with Italian publishing houses for the publication of Chinese literary works in translation and school and textbooks.