SMART WORKING: agile working from field to HQ

How to create a virtual office where employees can exchange information, documents and work collaboratively with each other?
Tools that go beyond simply exchanging files and allow deeper collaboration and less dispersion of the organization's information.


NGOs, operating in different countries, are organizations familiar with "remote" management, thanks to basic tools such as video calling platforms or the use of email. However, the real integration of a physically relocated team is a goal that requires a greater effort and remains in many cases substantially unreached.
How to achieve collaboration through sharing both products and work processes? How to integrate structured information flows in internal processes (email, documents) with the free interactions of daily work (chat, social)? How to avoid the replication and dispersion of information ("save on the desktop" effect) without the rigidity of an internal management system?
Our experience, both as NGO operators and thanks to the collaborations with these entities in recent years, has allowed us to know in depth the dynamics of remote working and the contexts in which NGOs work.

Objective of the Course:

  • to improve the organization of communications;
  • use the interaction between the tools;
  • make remote collaboration more efficient;
  • create a virtual office.

Training methodologies

The course includes 4 Webinars, lasting 1.5 hours and organized in this way:
1. Gmail - Calendar - Meet;
2. Google Drive - Base - Shared storage;
3. Google Drive - Advanced - Remote Collaboration;
4. Slack - The virtual office.

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