From Paper to Tablet: all the steps you need to know

The course aims to provide the skills to improve the monitoring and evaluation process of projects and organizations, through the use of appropriate and innovative tools for data collection, systematization and analysis.


Gnucoop's many years of experience in the development of mobile web platforms for the monitoring of cooperation interventions has allowed us to acquire an excellent background in the management of the collection and construction of data analysis processes related to interventions.
In fact, it has been noted during these years how very often now organizations turn to the use of IT tools underestimating both the necessary path of preparation and analysis of data, and what their use should be.

Training objectives:

  • acquire a good critical and data flow analysis capacity;
  • starting from a reasoning on the objectives, and on the identification of indicators, one acquires the capacity to create the necessary steps for the insertion of information in a possible platform;
  • acquisition of a more pragmatic analysis capacity through the use of technological tools;
  • acquire capacity in the use of tools for data collection and analysis;
  • critical approach to the use of technology and sustainability of technological tools after the conclusion of a project.

Training methodologies:

Four online lessons of 1.5 hours each

The online component includes tutoring activities during the course and access to an online training platform for sharing materials.

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