Blockchain: a technology to improve transparency

The course aims to promote the knowledge of Blockchain technology and highlight its potential through the presentation of several case studies.


A few years ago Gnucoop started a collaboration with a start-up in Milan for the development of a platform for the use of Blockchain technology. Thanks to this collaboration we have started, together with the NGO Helpcode, a project that foresees the use of this technology in tracking the remuneration of humanitarian workers in difficult contexts (remuneration of health workers in the Fezzan area, Libya), tracking the production chain for fair trade.

Training objectives:

  • acquire basic knowledge of Blockchain technology and its multiple uses in international cooperation and emergency;
  • acquire skills in the use of a distribution platform using Blockchain technology;
  • identification of possible uses of the technology;
  • identifying a case study on the use of the technology in question within the production chains.

Training methodologies:

Three online lessons of 1.5 hours each, introducing the technology and its potential, and 1 day in presence where will be presented in detail case studies of use of technology in the humanitarian and non-profit sector.

The online component includes tutoring activities during the course and access to an online training platform for sharing materials.

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