The "Smartification" of Humanitarian Response

There is still a need to make humanitarian data easier to find and to make it useful for analysis purposes. How can a decision-maker quickly track the trend of a crisis in a certain area? How can she compare the incidence between two regions? Information that resides in reports and documents is not always standardized, comparable, or reliable. Enter the need for smartification of humanitarian information management. The ubiquity of technology in general and phones in particular creates a fantastic opportunity for improvements in data collection. Field assessments can be conducted via mobile phone and the data relayed to servers for quicker analysis and faster response. Data becomes much more easily retrievable, and not dependent on manual labor. This ensures the data is as current as possible but also less prone to errors from human intervention.

Here some examples of Gnucoop mobile-web applications

It is, after all, not about having and storing information but about using it to better deliver much needed support and assistance to communities in crisis.

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