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In the last eight months, Gnucoop has been working for UNHCR to improve and re-design the Twine platform.
Twine is an online platform to manage and analyse public health data collected in refugee operations.
The use of information technology to support data collection, analysis and elaboration has brought significant changes in the way information is managed and shared. IT helps speeding the data collection and sharing process, reducing the risks of errors at entry level and allowing a faster data elaboration process. Twine application supports the data collection, storage, management of UNHCR’s and its partners’ data from health facility/camp level to country, regional and global level. As any IT solution or web application used as information management system, also Twine needs to guarantee certain standards and functionalities that would otherwise push users away from using the system and rather going back to more traditional approaches. Read more and

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UNHCR App for Syrian Refugees

PeaceGeeks, Affinity Bridge and Gnucooop have developed the Services Advisor app to support the 620,000+ Syrian refugees living in Jordan so they can get better access to information on critical services provided by over 60 humanitarian organizations who collectively have locations (both fixed and mobile) in over 420 areas across Jordan. This app has been developed at the request of the UN High Commission for Refugees.

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Migration and refugee movements in the Mediterranean countries have gained unprecedented momentum in recent months. The situation along migratory routes to Europe and within Europe itself is changing faster than ever before. Opinions of all kinds flourish, often without the necessary base of accurate, up-to-date information.
While governments squabble over numbers, build fences and dismantle camps; while aid organisations negotiate war zones, security and logistical red-tape, there’s an ever-growing community of tech enthusiasts who have taken things into their own hands: Techfugees.
Techfugees is a tech community response to the European refugee crisis, involving a network of concerned individuals and organizations. Techfugees is a Minimum Viable Product, starting with a community sharing information about tech and startup responses to the crisis.

Pic by Federico Sutera