Refugees are human beings with skills, talents, aspirations

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  • Refugees are human beings with skills, talents, aspirations

"There's nothing inevitable about refugees being a cost, they're human beings with skills, talents, aspirations, with the ability to make contributions — if we let them."  Alexander Betts We can start talking about what is happening in Uganda, not because it’s representative of all host countries but ‘cause it's exceptional. Unlike most host countries around the world, what Uganda has done is give refugees economic opportunity. It gives them the right to work. It gives them freedom of movement. And the results of that are extraordinary both for refugees and the host community. In the capital city, Kampala, 21 percent of refugees own a business that employs other people, and 40 percent of those employees are nationals of the host country. In other words, refugees are making jobs for citizens of the host country. Even in the camps, it’s easy to find extraordinary examples of vibrant, flourishing and entrepreneurial businesses.

Beyond that we should consider that going digital has the potential to fundamentally transform the relationship between citizen and government. Research has shown that disadvantaged groups, including immigrants and minorities, are high users of smartphones and social media, and could theoretically be reached through these tools. Newly arrived immigrants are some of the most vulnerable in society and are often in need of support settling in and connecting to information about local services and jobs. However, these groups are often thought to be digitally, as well as socially excluded, and the move by governments to online platforms could exacerbate existing barriers to accessing public services. Furthermore, these groups may lack the necessary digital skills and host-country language ability to take full advantage of digital government services.

Here we’ll show how in the recent Refugee Crisi it’s crossing Europe, the tech community responds to this emergency ad develope some ideas to create a link between refugees and job market.

Incubators for Immigrants has been founded by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, who agreed that a positive action had to take place instead of the endless conversations. By using another constructive way to look at ‘the problem’, they discovered that enterprising refugees could get a (temporarily) residence permit faster than usual if they would be a serious entrepreneur in the Netherlands. Incubators for Immigrants removes the bureaucracy that is involved with the foreign start-ups and with that they give refugees the same opportunities as Dutch entrepreneurs. A solution based on the fact that every human being has the same rights to free establishments and equal opportunities, including refugees who have arrived in the Netherlands.

Science4Refugees is an initiative launched by European Commission the to help refugee scientists and researchers find suitable jobs that both improve their own situation and put their skills and experience to good use in Europe's research system. Science4Refugees is accessible to refugees and institutions through the EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion portal, a pan-European initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services to researchers wishing to find jobs and pursue their research careers in Europe.

Employers around Europe are looking for skilled workers, and many refugees have marketable skills. The online portal Workeer is bringing the two together. “It soon became clear that we wanted to build a website that would support refugees in Germany. Seeing the amount of problems existing about the current refugee situation, we were certain that this could be our chance to create something valuable for refugees in Germany and the Germany society itself. We spent the first month on doing some intensive qualitative and quantitative research with the goal of understanding all the problems about the refugee situation. We talked to refugees, very motivated initiatives, organizations and representatives of the state administration. And clearly there was a wide range of issues to tackle. From support in bureaucratic questions to finding a place to live or learning the German language; all of them were very important. But there was one issue people kept mentioning over and over again that really stuck with us: finding a job! “ David Jacob


ReDI SCHOOL OF DIGITAL INTEGRATION: Teaching coding skills to create job opportunities and economic empowerment for refugees.

How can ReDi School help? Is your company looking to build and grow the next generation of coders and developers? Would you like to make a tangible, immediate impact on refugee economic integration? Do you have coding chops you'd like to share? Are you part of the Berlin tech scene and can provide mentorship? Can you help kickstart someone's IT career? We need teachers, tech mentors, career counselors and allrounders.

Foto: ReDi school facebook page

RefugeesWork is the iniciative that tries to help refugees/newcomers to connect with the locals through working together on tasks. The offered tasks should be a win-win situation for everyone, including newcomer, the organization and the city. No part of the equation should come out of the collaboration feeling used. Our focus is social engagement through working together. You can post your offer or request and start making world a better place. Work is the best pathway to connect newcomers with locals. We grow through the things we make.

Action Emploi Réfugiés est une plate-forme de rapprochement désintermédié entre employeurs, particuliers et réfugiés demandeurs d’emploi. Action Emploi Réfugiés is a virtual meeting place for employers, both individuals and businesses, and refugees trying to find jobs.

Integrify is a software development center for refugees, asylum seekers, and recent immigrants. Integrify is a refugee camp reinvented. Instead of operating as a housing facility with basic services, Integrify takes a results-oriented approach by integrating its residents into society through technology and jobs. To accomplish this, Integrify focuses on the ultimate meritocracy; software development.

Welcome Talent is a LinkedIn initiative aiming to create a platform where newcomers to Sweden and employers in Sweden easily can find each other. When employers add #welcometalent you can easely find the jobs/internships on the yellow button below. These positions will not require native Swedish, but please read the requirements carefully before applying.Tip: Remember to update your country to "Sweden" so employers can find you.