Refugee crisis: How should homeowners go about helping to provide shelter?

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  • Refugee crisis: How should homeowners go about helping to provide shelter?

There are many app, called “airbnb for refugees” that wants to get them together with people willing to share their homes.

MyRefuge is a platform to connect refugees with home owners who are happy to offer refugees shelter and food throughly there journey & advice them with charities & Ngo's support how refugees can integrate with the community where they are staying. It’s an AirBnB for refugees with no money involved - people can open up their homes to refugees who can find them easily, based on city and availability. It was at Techfugees conference and hackathon, as well as code to the kingdom hackathon where the got awarded best improved solution for refugee crisis.

Refugees Welcome (german: Flüchtlinge Willkommen) began as a project idea last November continuously garners active support. We will put you in touch with a refugee who fits you and your flat. When you register your flat we ask for some details about your living situation, such as the number of flatmates, the languages you speak, your city and surroundings etc.. This information will help us match hosts with refugees. Individuals all across Germany keep on signing up to help. To end of April more than 780 people have done so and we have therefore been able to place 26 refugees in private homes already.

Refugee Hero is a – mobile friendly – website with similar functionality to Airbnb. Heroes post a listing to accommodate a refugee. Listings can come from private heroes or from organizations opening up their facilities; such as churches, mosques, schools and universities. Refugees can directly access their data to make an appointment or the volunteers and government officials responsible can use Refugee Hero as an intermediary.

Spare Room receives referrals of potential guests from established immigration and asylum advice agencies. We assess all referrals and we do not offer hospitality to those who have engaged in or actively supported violence. We aim to match guests with hosts offering a spare room. Could you offer a temporary home to someone forced to flee their home country who is not permitted to work and is denied state support in the UK?