Water Trucking Software

APP development

The project

Gnucoop has developed for Acted a universal, centralized software that aims to support, optimize and analyze water trucking operations globally. The system development has been recently completed and the application is currently being deployed in pilot countries. Once it reaches its full potential, it will be used in 38 countries, involving more than 300 users and over 300.000 use cases.

The Water Trucking Software consists of 3 major components:

  • The RESTful API running on the backend side;
  • The WMS Module, an online web application used by project managers to setup and configure the water trucking operations for their projects;
  • A mobile and web application that can work both offline and online used by the checkers, dispatchers and receivers involved in the water trucking operations to report the outcome of each phase of the operation.

  • Partner:ACTED
  • Location:World
  • Technology:Python + Angular + Ionic
  • Duration:2 years
  • Status:Completed
  • Project link:WTS platform