APP development

The project

The # tu6scuola project was created to give a concrete answer to the causes of early school leaving. Through an integrated educational model, # tu6scuola involves 2 thousand girls and boys who attend the middle school cycle, their families, 350 teachers and people from the community around them, in a three-year project. Gnucoop is involved in one of the actions of the project, the "Saltaclasse Laboratories". They include a series of innovative, interactive and interdisciplinary educational activities aimed at realizing a common project shared by different classes working together and in a small group. Specifically, he has created a "Cinegame" for each city. Cinegame is the creation of a short movie with crossroads inspired by stories and legends of each individual territory. Each Cinegame is written, interpreted, set up and produced by school children.

The platform, created by Gnucoop, today hosts the first two seasons of the 12 Cinegames made during 2019 and 2020.

  • Partner:CIAI ONLUS
  • Location:Milano, Rovellasca, Città di Castello, Ancona, Bari e Palermo
  • Technology:Angular + VIMEO
  • Duratation:3,5 years
  • Status:On going
  • Project link:Cinegame