Para Todas as Crianças

Beneficiary management

The project

For children born into poverty, the equity enhancing impact of early childhood interventions holds the promise of overcoming social disadvantages and breaking the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

Expected results

The project, designed by Save the Children, CREI and other partners, aims at ensuring that all children, including children with disabilities or special learning needs have the opportunity to reach their potential at school and in life thanks to an improved physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and linguistic development. Through the partnership with Gnucoop a pilot database will be realized, common to all authorities involved, will allow to have a tool joining all information coming from different sectors, having them accessible to all actors and able to inform correct planning of inclusive education.

  • Data collection
  • Vaxination monitoring
  • Medical examination monitoring
  • School monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Reports