LIS & EIS UNHCR Platform

App development

The project

In 2017, Gnucoop was also awarded a second project by UNHCR, regarding the development of a web application for data display/analysis of Livelihood and Energy data from UNHCR camps worldwide.

Data is collected using KoBoToolbox. The energy and livelihood platform is a webportal that facilitates end-user/stakeholder access to important operational and decision-making data. The system integrates data from an external source (e.g. Google sheet), manages the calculation of indicators, the displaying on the interface and manages different filters, allowing the user to download the search results (from table, based on user-selected parameters and the raw data imported in the platform database).

Platform features

Some of the most important features of the application are:

  • a section for uploading data from excel/google sheet, or from any other program that is able to extract in CSV format, to the platform;
  • a multi function admin section for users/permissions, files management, text box section management;
  • landing page (narrowed down from global to country level by interactive map);
  • dashboard and country page to display indicators applying different filters and display data through different aggregation levels (geolevel, timelevel, organizations, and following customized solution);
  • repository section managed by user with Administration rights. It’s used for managing documents related to the different platform sections.
  • Cliente:UNHCR
  • Location:World
  • Tecnologia:Django + Angular
  • Durata progetto:2 Anni
  • Stato progetto:Concluso
  • Link al progetto:LISEIS