APP development

The project

In 2017, Gnucoop developed a webGIS application for the Italian NGO COOPERAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE (COOPI), called YAGO, to gather information and locate resources, identifying critical issues, designing urban plans and understanding local vulnerabilities in order to increase population preparedness towards natural disasters as well as helping managing crisis. The current platform is the result of a process started in 2013 in Haiti, through the development of the SIRV-TAB platform, in support of the municipality of Tabarre (in Port-au-Prince) and Le Centre National de l’Information Géo-Spatiale (CNIGS). In the latest phase, the Sirvtab has been replaced by a more modern and lighter software that can also run on smartphones and tablets, developed using the Google framework angular and Leaflet libraries for the development of mobile-friendly interactive maps. The new system has been implemented in Guatemala and Perù.

  • Partner:COOPI
  • Location:Haiti, Guatemala, Perù
  • Technology:Python, Angular, GeoServer
  • Duration:3 years
  • Status:Completed
  • Project link:Yago source code