Gnucoop started its collaboration with UNHCR to respond to their need for troubleshooting, bug-fixing and maintaining their Twine web platform. After this phase, Gnucoop was granted the commission to re-design the current application to make it more suitable to current and future needs, overcoming the limitations of the original application. The project started in April 2016 and maintenance and improvements went on until December 2020. Throughout the duration of the project there has been a close and strong collaboration with the UNHCR staff. The numerous training missions on site (in the refugee camps) also allowed us to know and understand the reality in which the users of our tool work and therefore to create an application that meets their real needs. We spent a lot of time with experts involved in the Health and Nutrition sector, including UNHCR staff and NGOs local staff, and learned valuable lessons. Visiting the clinics of many different Refugee Camps, having the possibility to talk to people involved and collecting information directly from the field has been of crucial importance for the project. Thanks to this first collaboration with the public health sector, our services have also been requested by the Livelihood and Energy sector for the creation of a web platform for the elaboration and publication of indicators.

Project: IRHIS - LIS & EIS
Product: DEWCO

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