Helpcode is an organisation operating in Italy and around the world to ensure that every boy and girl has the protection of a family, a quality school, and a community where they can grow up and express their potential. In the last few years it opened the Emergency Office and started its activities in Libya to promote emergency interventions in the Fezzan area in support of the health system. We provided them our blockchain platform. Blockchain technology is used for sending money to support medical and nursing staff, since traditional money transfers was impossible in Libya. Unfortunately the project was interrupted due to the unstable situation in the country. But is our collaboration with Helpcode is continuing on a new food security project in Mozambique. Project data and indicators are collected through our DEWCO platform and displayed in a web site.

Project: Mozambico Affidato Helpcode - Blockchain in Libya
Product: DEWCO - Merkur

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via Stefanardo da Vimercate 28
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