We met CUAMM during a training session on eHealth at the beginning of 2019. We started discussing about their need to improve the way they were collecting and managing data coming from their health projects. The data flow they were managing at that time was a complex mixture of paper, external DBMS and excel files. We studied with them how to optimise the whole process with the introduction of a new data collection platform but keeping at the same time the existing procedures. The task was not easy since data were originally stored in more than 10.000 excel files, all of them edited by hand. The redesign of the data structures required a long analysis that we and CUAMM performed during several meetings and one field visit. For this collaboration to succeed, it was crucial the strict collaboration between CUAMM medical staff and Gnucoop. The first version of the new data collection platform was released at the end of 2019. The platform is now collecting some 50.000 forms (and counting) using almost 30 different form schemas.


Project: Test and Treat
Product: DEWCO

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