The consortium Comunità Brianza gathers 33 cooperatives working on a variety of social services. They recently drafted a new strategic framework and needed an instrument for measuring the impact achieved by the aggregated work of their members. Together with Changelab we supported the consortium in preparing their Theory of Change as the main instrument to describe the impact of the organisation and connect the single projects and initiatives to the main organisation mission. Then we created a platform called KALMS (Knowledge And Learning Management System) that will be used to collect data from the projects to measure the global impact indicators, in a system that will ease the burden of collecting, aggregating and learning. Due to the complexity of the work, we conducted several meetings with thee consortium managers, some workshops with main staff members and a few trainings in order to have everyone within the consortium aligned with the new instrument.

Project: KALMS - Una piattaforma per la valutazione d’impatto
Product: DEWCO

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Operational Headquarters

via Stefanardo da Vimercate 28
20128 ITALY
(+39) 3703309574
Lungarno Mediceo 56
56127 ITALY
(+39) 3703173931
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