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On the 14th of May 2018 and in collaboration with ONG2.0, Gnucoop took part, as lecturer, to one of the session of the ‘Media  and ICT for development’ workshop at the University of Turin.

The workshop is one of the activity included in the University Course in Public and Political Communication (Corso di laurea magistrale in Comunicazione pubblica e politica), that helps students to get familiar and acquire knowledge and skills about the use of communication  and ICT tools in the development sector.

The workshop included 6 sessions and  Gnucoop was invited to participate as a lecturer to one of the lessons, focusing on the use of ICT for development.

Gnucoop discussed about the use of ICT in the development sector and particularly on how free software and technology can be useful tools to improve the impact of developing projects in international cooperation. Also, Gnucoop provided an overview and examples of ICT4D applications, such as mobile data collection tools, web GIS applications and blockchain solutions.

All the mentioned tools have the double role of gathering/disseminating information as well as helping responders to take actions.

Furthermore key challenges and best practices in ICT4D have been presented and discussed such as:

  • Sustainability: ensuring project longevity →  crucial involvement of government or local ownership;
  • Scalability: from pilot to large scale project: → ability to propose a solution that can impact large population
  • Evaluation: impact analysis → keep monitoring the application year after year

The class involved students from the university of Turin enrolled specifically  in communication and development studies, who were very interested and actively participated to the session.

At the end of the workshop, students have been asked to run a practical exercise and design a communication plan related to the cooperation and development sector.