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Technology itself does not mean progress, progress is our ability to use technology to make a difference (Luca De Biase)

When:  Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 9 a.m. (CET) Where: Piazza della Scienza, 4, Università degli Studi di MIlano - Bicocca               Edificio U4, aula 2034

Gnucoop Soc. Coop. and Stand by Task Force (SBTF) are organizing an event about the use of digital tools to support information management during natural disasters and humanitarian crisis.

When a disaster or humanitarian emergency strikes, many organisations (public agencies, humanitarian responders, governmental and non governmental organisations) activate and try to provide their support. In these contexts, it’s very important to have access to and rely on trustworthy information. If used sensibly, social networks and digital tools have the potential to provide important pieces of information that were not accessible only up to few years ago.

Therefore, the event has two main objectives:

  • to sensitize civil society organizations, civil protection organisations, public institutions, university students and volunteers on the sensible use of digital tools such as social networks, digital images, web news, etc…, to help responding to humanitarian crisis,
  • to involve new ‘digital’ volunteers who could provide additional support in responding to emergencies or humanitarian crisis and become active members of the SBTF.

The program will be the following:

  • Technology and Information Sharing: ICT4D project milestones
  • Gnucoop tools and case studies: data collection & GIS and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Information for Disaster Response: SBTF Case, Studies, Example of Deployments

We are very glad to have as our guests Mercedes Aguerre, COOPI drr advisor, for a an introduction on Disaster Risk Reduction and  Angela Oduor Lungati, Director of Community Engagement, Ushahidi to present this very successful platform.

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