Good data & data sharing in humanitarian context

Gnucoop took part to the GeOnG2018, en event organized every 2 years by Cartong. The event included workshops, round tables and group works on the topic of good data and data sharing in the humanitarian context. It was a great occasion to meet some NGOs, digital innovators and companies promoting innovations in the humanitarian sector. Particularly Gnucoop presented: A Workshop about our data collection platform, Dewco. Participants were introduced to the main features of the Dewco Demo and they have also been walked through the specific iRHIS application, developed by Gnucoop for UNHCR, and based on the Dewco technology. The session continued with an introduction to Big Data and data analysis with some practical examples and exercise on how to deal with data checks, validation, consistency and how to infer results when not enough information is available. A Speedgeeking about our webGiS application, Yago. 6 groups of participants were introduced to the Yago application. The main functionalities and features of the app had been explained followed by Q&A sessions where the audience could ask questions and curiosities about the system. Over the three days, Gnucoop, who was also Golden Sponsor of the event, had a dedicated stand where to expose its material and brochures as well as interact with the audience and answers questions to interested people. During the three days, after a plenary session, Gnuoop took part to different workshops

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