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On 5th and 6th of November we participated at the Italian edition of Techfugees, hosted by H-Farm. The program included a hackaton to work on tech solutions and products to aid both refugees and agencies, starting on Thursday evening, after a brief presentation of the needs made by some humanitarian actors: Red Cross, INTERSOS, Save the Children (you can find their presentation here). The second day foresaw a series of panels about technologies,Corporate Care, funding, mapping, sharing economy etc... (Program is available here).

All the participants has been divided into 5 groups. Our team consisted of three people. We decided to work on the Intersos Challenge n.2: a system to manage the security of aid workers, that can track their location wherever they are. Briefly, the idea is the following: The mobile app automatically reports the location of the Aid worker, sending GPS coordinates to the server. The operator can select the security level of the area. The platform sends an alert notification when it detects that an operator is located in an area previously reported as dangerous. The frequency of the notifications varies depending on the security level of the area and on the time of permanence in the same place. Through the Crowdmapping platform we will have a security level map of the area of intervention. Below the video we prepared for the final panel of the conference and the presentation to the donor.

The winning team proposed a project to meet the Red Cross Challenge 2: Efficient use of resources - How to distribute food supplies to avoid waste. Thanks to Paypal they will develop the platform over the next few months.

We have been awarded a "Special Mention" and we’ll develop the App!

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