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In 2013 in Haiti, Gnucoop supported COOPI on the development of a webGIS platform,  namely SIRV-TAB, to help the municipality of Tabarre (in Port-au-Prince) and the National Civil Protection in locating resources, identifying critical issues, designing urban plans and understanding local vulnerabilities in order to increase population preparedness towards natural disasters and help managing crisis. The platform has been developed based on OpenGeo suite (GeoServer- OpenLayers and GeoExt) and  it is available at

Gnucoop staff spent one month in Haiti, working side by side with ngo COOPI-Cooperazione Internazionale and local authorities to define and develop the system requirements. As a result, the SIRV-TAB server allows geographic visualization of several types of information such as: public security data, presence of local organisations, water points, food storages, energy plants, transports, telecommunications, accommodations, waste management plants, roadworks and soil details.

Therefore, the SIRV-TAB database contributes to:

  • identify resources that are available to manage natural or man-made disasters in Tabarre;
  • manage these resources according to population needs, with a specific focus on the most vulnerable members of the society;
  • identify local hazards.

The SIRV-TAB can be used by decision makers, urban planners or simply personnel operating in crisis management in Tabarre to plan prevention/preparedness measures or organise response to emergency situations.

More informations here (available only in French)