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While Europe’s politicians debate refugee quotas, civil society organisations across the continent are working to support those who are displaced . Charities in Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Italy and Greece are dealing with unpredictable numbers and erratic route change and as a result, many are being forced to adapt. So, how are these organisations coping? via theguardian The refugee crisis is complex... and so is the tech industry response to it. SSF Refugees Welcome is a map that offers information about refugee camps, migrant detention centres and bordercrossings along the balkan route. Volunteers, donors and organisations: we have moved! You can find here the project description document, where you can find important information about the software solution(s) the SSF is building and making available to people engaged in the work of assisting refugees in Europe.

Carterro combines team communication with location based content to provide a new way to coordinate with co-workers, friends or family. Carterro makes data collection easy for teams that work in multiple locations.

For Nonprofits and Aid Organizations You can show people in need where they can safely stop for supplies and resources in few simple steps: create a channel; invite employees and affiliates; create pins with our sample icons or take photos and video of what is happening in the area. On a public channel, this information could reach a large number of people immediately.

For Refugees See where others have gone and how they got there. Help your friends and family complete the journey safely and start a new life in few simple steps: create new channel; communicate privately with family members to help them navigate to their new life; create pins with our sample icons or take photos and video of what is happening in the area.

RefugeeMaps.Org is an independent project that uses geospatial and technical knowledge to help support the humanitarian network for the refugee crisis in Europe. RefugeeMaps was launched in September 2015 by @PranMan and @GeoMeteoMe. It extended@trisday and Calais Action‘s previous work on Google Maps and has developed into an online application that addresses the need for the visual display of grassroots activity.

Kricket is a map-based, anonymous network helping refugees find safety and resources through crowdsourced geotagged information. It helps refugees, volunteers, NGOs, and you communicate on a community map. This is how it works:

  • Everyone can "tag" their current location with an icon/photo and comment
  • Everyone is looking at the same map of the world
  • Everyone's tags will "live" on the map for 24 hours, then it will be removed from the map
  • Everyone is anonymous to each other
  • Kricket has curated safe locations on the map, through collaboration with several NGOs aiding refugees.
  • Kricket is 100% free for everyone, forever. shows you where, when and how to help directly in the field. This platform is non-commercial and ads-free. An international team of field workers, programmers, project managers and designers are volunteering for this project and bring in their professional experience to make a difference.

You can: save time; improve selforganization of the volunteers; volunteers split themselves up more effectively into shifts, temporary shortcuts can be anticipated by helpers themselves more easily; shift plans can be given to the security personnel or coordinating persons by an auto-mailer every morning; the more shelters and camps are organized with us, the more volunteers are joining and all facilities will benefit from a common pool of motivated volunteers; for free without costs.