Education has the power to empower and change a person’s entire life and future.

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  • Education has the power to empower and change a person’s entire life and future.

*Education is not just a matter of relevance in displaced populations, but of survival. One of the refugees said “If I am not a student, I am nothing.” * Re:Coded aims to create innovative, socially minded leaders in conflict affected communities using technology and entrepreneurship as a catalyst. We aim to connect the dots between local problems and global opportunities and harness cross cutting solutions to transform local capacity with the aim of building long-term economic development, peace and geopolitical stability. The Fellowship is an intensive program designed to train refugees and displaced youth with no prior coding experience to become production-ready web developers. The program is adapted from The Flatiron School's Web Development Immersive — a course that has successfully trained students for the workforce and helped them find web development jobs.

Kiron:World-Class Education For Refugees

Our vision is to provide millions of refugees worldwide with the opportunity to graduate with an accredited university degree, free of charge. No more time, potential, or lives wasted.

Kiron uses an innovative combination of online and offline learning to provide accessible, sustainable, and cost-effective education. To date, we have over 1,000 students, 18 partner universities, and 4 degree programmes. That's over 1,000 lives changed already.

Kiron offers much more than just online learning. Our vision is to reinvent the traditional concept of a university: with a diverse range of partners, we are striving to create an education model that is more accessible, more human-centred, and more supportive of personal growth.

The DigiSchool, also known as the MobiStation, is a portable, solar-powered multimedia kit fully equipped with a speaker, projector, and a document reading camera. DigiSchool, an abridged form of “digital school in a box,” refers to devices with pre-uploaded education content. At a glance, the DigiSchool looks like an ordinary plastic suitcase with wheels and a pullout handle. But inside this black pelican case, you can find video clips, cartoons, music videos, math lessons, an offline Wikipedia, and much more.

The current DigiSchool is a fourth generation prototype. Progress has been made since early 2013 when the Global Innovation Lab in Uganda produced the DigiSchool hardware and carried out the first user testing. On the software side, the DigiSchools’ digital content library continues to be enhanced with more educational content.