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Twine training in Rwanda

December 4th, 2017 Posted by Data Collection, ICT4D, MHealth, Refugees 0 comments on “Twine training in Rwanda”

In the framework of the collaboration with UNHCR, Gnucoop has started the pilot phase of the Twine Platform, developed for the collection, processing and reporting of the data about the public health within the refugee camps run by UNHCR.

This step involves six Countries, such as Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and South Sudan, which have started to use the platform during October and November 2017.

After the first step, in the next few months, the platform will be roll out to the other Countries in which UNHCR is working. In the meantime, Gnucoop is providing support to those six Countries in the training of the medical staff about the use of the web app.

Our Project Manager, Paola Fava, has been involved in the training, installation and tablets allocation in the refugee camps of Gihembe and Nyabiheke, in Rwanda. The training has been held in Kigali and according to her, it was a successful experience.

Paola Fava with the medical staff

Nurses, doctors, coordinator of the nutritional centres and data managers of the Nyabiheke and Gihembe clinics, all belonging to the medical staff working at the American Refugee Committee (ARC), UNHCR’ partner in Rwanda, actively participated in the training.

According to Paola, “The involvement was considerable. The medical staff of the health facility in Gihembe and Nyabiheke participated in the training with enthusiasm. The interaction with them was great”.

Furthermore, during her visits to the centers, she had the chance to observe and appreciate the wonderful work of those people who face everyday enormous difficulties in order to provide assistance in a hard context like the one in Rwanda, but always with enthusiasm and smiling.